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August 13, 2015

Wine Area Profile: Bordeaux

Informed by years of experience in the wine industry, The London Wine Cellar is a company of experts connected by a shared passion for wine. When we’re not helping customers…

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July 20, 2015

Wine Investment Scams: Cold Calling

Wine investment scams have become prevalent since the late 90s, with the popularisation of the wine investment industry. The easiest way to avoid these poisonous scammers is to ignore anyone…

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October 28, 2014

More Wine Investment Firms Wound Up

A British court has dissolved two wine investment companies that preyed on investors who had already been stung. Two companies who “cynically targeted” people who had lost money in wine…

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October 23, 2014

Building trust in a booming fine wine market

The grape has provided us with something to mark every occasion. However in more recent years fine wine has more and more been seen as an investment, with wine prices rising aggressively between 1996-2008, outperforming many other forms of investment, providing a safe haven compared to traditional stocks/shares or the buy-to-let markets with their wild fluctuations.

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