Payment & Collection

What are the payment and collection processes?

The majority of our wine stock is held at our storage partner Vinotheque’s facility in Burton-On-Trent.
We are now pleased to offer upfront payment to clients who have wine stored at this site.
Once a price has been agreed, we will transfer the full cash amount prior to taking possession of your wine.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer this service for wine stored at other bonded facilities as we depend on independent quality checks,
however we can still provide prompt payment once we have inspected your bottles.

Outright Purchase

Many clients prefer this service. We simply agree a price for the wine, arrange for its collection (or delivery if in professional storage) and send full payment to the client on receipt of the wine. The entire process can be completed in one day.

We can facilitate up to £250,000 in one transaction.

On Consignment

It may sometimes be possible to obtain a better price using this mechanism. This takes longer than the outright purchase. We agree an exclusive sale agreement with the client whereby we undertake to sell the wine over a specific time period. A pricing structure can be built into the agreement (dependant on the size of the portfolio). We do not take physical possession of the wine until we have managed to sell it. This option, whilst slower and less certain, provides an opportunity to fully investigate and maximise the sale value of a cellar.


A friendly member of our staff will organise a collection time to suit you. Due to the nature of our clients busy schedules we are now able to offer collection 7 days a week.

Upon arrival we will do a quality check of your wine. This will prevent any uncertainty about the value of your wine and allow us to settle up at the time we collect your wine.

Providing the stock meets the required standards set by The London Wine Cellar payment will be processed at the time of collection via cash, cheque or bank transfer

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