Terms and Conditions when selling wine to The London Wine Cellar.

1). What does the price quoted really mean? Are there any hidden charges?

No. The valuation you receive is a NET figure – you will receive the entire cash amount.

2). What happens if after The London Wine Cellar have taken ownership of my wine it transpires that the wine is in fact corked or damaged?

3 words – Not Your Problem. Our experts make an assessment of your wine and if they find it to be in good condition at the time of purchase and settle in full for the wine there can be no repercussions for the seller – TLWC takes full responsibility for the wine once it is in our ownership. The same applies to clients who think they may have sourced a more attractive price from another party after the sale has gone through– once the sale is complete TLWC has total ownership of the wine and there can be no returns or refunds.

3.) What costs are applied for collections and inspections?

The valuation and collection service is totally complimentary to The London Wine Cellar clients and offered 7 days per week.

4). What happens if I have sent my wine in to be quality checked and issues are found with my stock?

If stock arrives at our storage partners warehouse for inspection and issues are found with the wine then you will be notified immediately. Unless the damage is significant you will have two options.

i). A new price will be agreed taking the damage into account, photos will be provived to make this as transparent as possible.

ii). If a new price cannot be agreed then the stock will be returned to the seller within 3 working days and any monies returned that had changed hands thus cancelling the sale.

5). How does The London Wine Cellar settle up for my Fine Wine?

We offer all major payment types and our clients can choose from:

i). Bank transfer.

ii). Cheque.

iii). Cash.


6) Over and Under Valuations

The London Wine Cellar produces itemised valuations, therefore, in the rare occasion of an under valuation or over valuation  The London Wine  Cellar reserves the right to adjust the valuation to represent the true value of the stock OR remove the item and proceed with the remainder of the purchase. This also applies to stock in possession of The London Wine Cellar.


NEW SERVICE – We are now happy to offer WINE SWAP – this transaction can be made up of just wine or wine and capital.