Inspection Guidelines

What we look at when valuing your wine.

The London Wine Cellar can offer you extremely competitive prices.

We have years of experience in the field and trusted relationships with many fine and rare wine buyers.

Here are the guidelines that help our wine valuation process and define our interest.

Bottle Level

  • Less than 20 years old – level must be base neck or higher.
  • More than 20 years old – Fill level must be high shoulder or better.

Label Condition

  •  Labels must be entirely readable, only accepted with minor rack damage or minor discolouration from damp/ adjacent breakages.
  • A good rule to go by is “would you produce this bottle on your dining table to guests?”.

Capsule Condition

  • Rejected if there are gaps or holes in the foil capsule.
  • The cork must not be exposed.
  • There must be no capsule rust.
  • Rejected if the cork has pushed through the capsule more than 2mm.

Original Wooden Case

  • OWC status is a common industry term meaning original wooden case. An ideal situation is that the wine you are selling is in an unopened original wooden case. This maintains the wine’s OWC status.
  • If you are selling an incomplete case but still posses the OWC then please ensure you keep this for The London Wine Cellar collection personnel as this will increase your wines desirability and could affect the value.

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