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Sell wine online

The London Wine Cellar takes pride in being the best in the industry at fairly valuing wine and spirits, and providing clients with a completely seamless way to sell wine and spirits.

Since being established in 2013, we have worked with thousands of individual clients, facilitating the outright purchase of over £20 million worth of fine wine and spirits. Our dedication to fair and transparent purchases, and our willingness to go above and beyond to meet clients’ individual needs, mean that we’ve developed an excellent reputation along the way.

And because we’re buyers, not brokers, we’re the perfect choice if you want to sell your fine wines or spirits quickly, painlessly and at a competitive price.

For a free valuation call 020 7377 8097, email or use our online form above.

21 October 2019

Nic Staines

We are not wine buffs but had some bottles from a gift case and were thinking they might be worth selling. LWC offered a sensible price, collected the bottles from the Midlands and paid us promptly. Very happy with the ...

15 October 2019

Shaun Carroll

Fantastic service, trustworthy and kept their word! I would recommend using Tim and the team at London Wine Cellar for their professionalism and prompt service. It was simple, easy to use and very straight forward. Many thanks to the team.

16 September 2019

Kazuya Iwata

I had a great experience selling two bottles of my unwanted alcohol with the London Wine Cellar recently. I found the entire process of getting a quote, bringing in the bottles, and receiving payment very straightforward and quick - money ...

15 September 2019

nigel beresford

Outstanding Team with great knowledge. Excellent service in valuing and collecting wines, and an excellent price given. Would definitely recommend if you have good quality unwanted wines to sell.

Our 3 step buying process

Selling your wine and spirits with The London Wine Cellar couldn't be simpler.

Request a valuation

Our clients are spoilt for choice!

  1. Fill in, or upload your list to our
    Valuation form
  2. Email your list to
  3. Send us a picture of your bottles or list via
  4. Or of course give call us on
    020 7377 8097

Valuations are returned within 24 hours.

Free collection or transfer

The London Wine Cellar opererer med de raskeste betalingsbetingelsene i bransjen. Vi kan betale med en gang vi har sett beholdningen.

I obligasjonslager

Vi betaler ved mottak av tilstandsrapporter.


Vin lagret hjemme

Vi betaler direkte ved henting.

London drop-in

Samme direkte betaling gjelder ved levering av beholdning til vår London drop-in Center.

Get paid

The London Wine Cellar operates the fastest payment terms in the trade. We can pay as soon as we have seen the stock.

In bond stock
We pay on receipt of condition reports.

Wines stored at home
We pay instantly at the time of collection.

London drop-in
The same instant payment applies for stock brought to our London drop-in centre.

What we stand for

Honesty, transparency and simplicity are at the heart of our business. We think wine selling should be safe and accessible for everyone, whether you want to cash in a single £100 bottle of champagne or release equity from a £1 million portfolio of fine wines. We implement a straightforward and efficient selling process, enabling clients to always achieve a great price and swift payment for their goods. Most importantly, we want to make things simple and completely hassle free.

Receive a wine valuation

“ The whole process from start to finish was handled in a most professional way. Prompt communication, fair price and fast payment. Great company! ”

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Why sell with us?

1 Authority and expertise

Our team have decades worth of wine and spirit buying experience between us. We keep abreast of trends in the industry, understand the current market value of your wines and take pride in each valuation. Importantly, we don’t use automated processes to assess the value of your wine and never rely solely on other people’s data.

2 Efficiency and simplicity

With us you can receive a valuation to sell your wine online, using our contact form, via WhatsApp or in person. 95 percent of valuations will be made the same day, and even very large lists will take no more than 48 hours. If we cannot visit ourselves, we only ever send specialist wine couriers to collect your wines or spirits, and you’ll always receive payment the moment we have inspected the goods, in many cases the very same day.

3 We don’t cherry pick

It isn’t uncommon to receive a glossy proposal from a wine company to buy your entire cellar, enticing you in with great values next to all cases, but then when it comes to the transaction, the gems sell quickly but the chaff just sits there, eventually having to be repriced in the hope of getting a sale. In contrast, we are clear about wines that we cannot buy, and also which wines are tougher sales; making realistic cash offers rather than high-broking prices that never materialise.

4 Competitive pricing

We are passionate about valuing your wines and spirits and getting you a fair price. What’s more, the price we quote for your wines is the net amount you will receive. Unlike other wine dealers, there are no hidden costs and once we have seen the condition of your case or bottles the price is never subject to "negotiation" later on.

5 Convenient valuation and swift payments

We make it easy for you to get in touch with queries about the value of your wines; with our quick online form, or you can even WhatsApp us a photograph of your bottles for a valuation within minutes. Our London-based drop in centre enables you to bring your wines and spirits to us directly in order to receive instant payment there and then.

6 Innovative and customer focused service

The London Wine Cellar is one of very few companies that outrightly purchase both wine and spirits and that can facilitate purchases of all sizes, up to and over £1 million on immediate settlement terms. We’re committed to finding a wine-selling or spirit-selling solution that works for you, whatever your unique requirements. In many cases, especially with higher value collections, we will send out one of our experts to quality-check your wine or spirits on site in person, in which case it’s possible for us to transfer your payment instantly, before we even load the van.
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  • Calvados
  • Chartreuse
  • Cognac
  • Rum
  • Vermouth
  • Whisky

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