Price Match Guarantee.

An illustration of a wine bottle balancing on scales with a stack of coins

We believe that we offer our clients excellent prices for their wine and spirits and that the prices we offer are amongst the most competitive in the market. We don’t expect you to find a higher price for your wine or spirits from any of our competitors for the same bottle(s) that we value. However, if you do, provided the below conditions are met, we will match the price when you sell your bottle(s) to us and you will also benefit from the best payment terms on the market.

Must be a genuine case offer to buy your wine or spirits

Please note that any offer from us to buy your wine or spirits is a concrete cash offer – this is different to a valuation/estimation you might receive from a broker or an auction house and it is for this reason that we do not match their prices. In order for us to match a price, the competitor has to present you with a genuine cash offer to buy your wine or spirits outright, not just provide you with an estimation or valuation of what they are suggesting the wine or spirits might be worth.

The prices we match

The price quoted in the offer that you are asking us to match must be for the exact same physical bottle(s) that we would be purchasing from you, and the condition must not have changed since our competitor’s offer was made. You must provide sufficient information to enable us to verify the price ourselves, such as a breakdown of the offer showing the description of the goods.

What we mean by competitor

A competitor is an entity that trades on the same basis as us, that is, who makes cash offers to purchase bottles of wine and spirits outright. Outlets or inlets which trade on a different basis to us, such as auction houses, brokers, membership clubs and individuals, are not deemed to be our equivalent competitors.

Comparing the terms of the offer

We compare how we buy the product to how it is bought by the competitor to ensure the offer is comparable. We particularly look at collection and/or delivery charges, any additional fees and the timeframe for completion of the deal and take these into account when deciding whether we can match the offer. For goods that we collect, we ask that the competitor is able to collect in equivalent timescales to us.

You must provide us with evidence of all costs associated with getting your wine or spirits to the competitor or transferred into the competitor’s in-bond account. This includes delivery and/or collection charges associated with the offer from our competitor, for example, a link to the relevant website showing the collection charge. We will deduct any additional charges from the price offered by our competitor in order for us to make a fair assessment against our own offer.

Where we are unable to match a price

We will consider all price matches, however we do reserve the right to refuse to match prices in certain circumstances. The price we match must be the price offered by a competitor for that individual bottle, and we may not deem an offer to be comparable if the competitor’s offer includes a larger collection of bottles. This is because the competitor may be able to derive additional benefits from purchasing the larger volume of bottles. We will match on a case-by-case basis the total price for a collection of bottles if the contents of the collection included in the offer from our competitor is clear and the bottles to which the offer is subject are identical to the bottles that we would be purchasing from you. If a competitor is running a promotion or special offer, we may not be able to match the prices they offer as part of this.

If a product is not a product that we would usually purchase, if we do not believe the bottle is worth the amount our competitor has offered or the condition of a bottle is not satisfactory to us, we may not be able to match the offer. We also reserve the right not to offer a price match if doing so would result in us making a loss or where it would be uneconomical for us to do so. This could be for reasons including, but not limited to, the cost of delivery, collection charges, other additional charges or logistical considerations that would be involved in us purchasing your goods. In an instance where TLWC decides they are unable to match an offer, TLWC’s decision will be final.

We will let you know if we are able to match a price once you have made an enquiry and provided us with the relevant details of our competitor’s offer. Our price match will not be applied retrospectively to offers from us that have already been accepted by you.

For more information, please contact our customer services team at [email protected] or on 02073778097.

This guarantee sits alongside our full Terms and Conditions and should not be taken separately.