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Spirits and Whisky valuation

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Spirits and whisky valuation

Prefer to speak to us directly about your whisky or spirit?

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Our Spirits Valuation Service

We may be called the The London Wine Cellar, but over the past 6 years we’ve become one of the UK’s most respected and prolific buyers of whisky and spirits.

As experts on a range of different spirits, from whisky to chartreuse, we’d love to buy any vintage or rare spirits you’re looking to sell. At the moment, we’re particularly keen to acquire old and rare whisky, chartreuse, cognac, rum, calvados, vermouth, brandy and armagnac. If you happen to own a spirit that is not on this short list we may still be interested and are always excited to discuss any bottles that are important to you and that you would like to place a value on.

If you have decided the time is right to cash in on your special bottles, The London Wine Cellar offers a quick, stress-free way to sell them for a great price. We’ll buy anything from a single bottle of whisky to special-edition casks, and can facilitate purchases of any size on immediate settlement terms.

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29 September 2020

Bryan Williams

Highly impressive service. Collection service made this a no hassle way to transact. Prompt payment also a plus.

7 September 2020

Tara Holmes

Fabulous company to deal with, friendly, professional and helpful

24 September 2020

Jessica Lane

Great service from Tim and his colleagues at The London Wine Cellar: friendly, helpful and efficient. I would recommend and use them again.

22 September 2020

Chris Gillooly

Highly impressed as a first time user. Very quick, personal response and follow up. Prompt payment upon receipt of wines. These guys are good. Well done to all concerned and thank you.

Our 3 step buying process

Selling your wine and spirits with The London Wine Cellar couldn't be simpler.

Request a valuation

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  1. Fill in, or upload your list to our
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  2. Email your list to
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  4. Or of course give call us on
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Valuations are returned within 24 hours.

Free collection or transfer

In bond stock
One of our friendly team will walk you through how to instruct your bonded warehouse to deliver to our bonded account.

Wines stored at home
We will arrange a time window that suits you for collection by one of our team or hand-picked couriers. Free collection is available nationwide.

Get paid

The London Wine Cellar operates the fastest payment terms in the trade. We can pay as soon as we have seen the stock.

In bond stock
We pay on receipt of condition reports.

Wines stored at home
We pay instantly at the time of collection.

London drop-in
The same instant payment applies for stock brought to our London drop-in centre.

How much is my whisky worth?

There’s a lot to look out for when determining the value of your whisky. We’ve explained a few key indicators of value below for you to explore before contacting us for a free whisky valuation.

  • Distillation date

    Begin by looking into the year your whisky was distilled — this can start to give you an idea of its value.

  • Bottling date

    Knowing when the whisky left the cask and entered the bottle determines its age: a whisky is not deemed to age once it leaves the cask.

  • Limited editions

    Single cask editions or those related to a particular event are always liable to be worth more than ordinary bottles.

  • Appearance

    Whiskies still in their original box and with an undamaged label are likely more valuable than those with significant wear and tear.

  • Level

    Ideally, your whisky’s level will be into the neck of the bottle.

Accurately assessing the value of your bottles

Of all the companies that offer whisky valuation in the UK, we have become such a popular choice for sellers because of our experienced team, transparent communication and commitment to making selling your whisky and spirits as simple as possible. Our decades of combined knowledge and global network of buyers make it easy for us to accurately assess the worth of your bottles, always providing a principled quote. We’ll let you know what’s happening during each step of the process, and as long as we’ve seen a photo, we will never downgrade your quote after its been made. What’s more, we’ve made it simple to get in touch for a valuation, and our straightforward payment system ensures you’ll be transferred funds instantly once your bottles have been inspected.

Spirits and Whisky Valuation Online

Prefer to speak to us directly about your whisky or spirit?

Call 020 7377 8097


Still unsure of the value of your bottles?

If you’d like advice or a free no-obligation valuation of your whisky, get in touch with us via phone 020 7377 8097, WhatsApp or our online form, or drop in for a chat at our beautiful East London wine cellar.